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MathAMATYC Educator Submission Form

According to the Photocopying and Reprint Policy of MathAMATYC Educator: "General permission is granted to educators to photocopy materials from MathAMATYC Educator for noncommercial instructional or scholarly use. Permission must be sought from the authors in order to charge for photocopies, to quote materials in advertising, or to reprint articles in other educational publications. Once permission is obtained, credit should be given to the source of the material by citing a complete reference.”

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Check to certify that the article has not been published by another journal.

Check to certify that these materials have been submitted only to MathAMATYC Educator for possible publication.

Check to certify that I have read the Photocopying and Reprint Policy of MathAMATYC Educator.

Check to certify that the manuscript has been written using the APA Style Manual, version 6.

Check to certify that there are no copyrights on images included in the article.

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