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Position on Adjunct Working Conditions
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While adjunct faculty (part-time faculty) can bring special expertise to the classroom, research has indicated that adjunct faculty frequently are not adequately supported They often have: I) insufficient office space which makes meeting with students difficult; 2) inadequate opportunity to participate in departmental activities such as textbook selections or curricula decisions; 3) insufficient fund available for professional development such as participation at conferences or enrollment in advanced course work; 4) inadequate opportunity for advancement, salary increases, or benefits, regardless of the length of service or excellence of teaching; and 5) no chance for tenure or job security.

  1. All Two-Year College Mathematics Departments Should:
  • Allow individual adjunct faculty to have a work load of no more than 60% of a normal full-time faculty work load during an academic term at their institution.
  • Provide in-service training for adjuncts in order to properly institute curricular change and improve teaching methodology.
  • Integrate adjunct faculty into the departments and encourage them to participate in departmental functions.
  • Foster open communication between adjunct faculty and the department chair or designee with regard to work load, courses taught, and schedule.
  • Provide adequate office space for adjunct faculty members.
  1. All Two-Year College Administrators Should:
  • Ensure that adjunct faculty are eligible for job security, salary increases or cost of living adjustments, and employee benefits.
  • Provide funds for professional development and in-service training for adjunct faculty.
  • Supervise both student and peer evaluations of adjunct faculty on a regular basis.
  1. All Adjunct Faculty Should:
  • Seek to improve their teaching through continued professional development.
  • Become actively involved in their respective departments by attendance at department meetings and participation on department committees dealing with topics such as textbook selection and curricular reform.
  • Conduct regularly scheduled office hours.

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