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Strategic Plan
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2012-2017 AMATYC Strategic Plan
(Adopted SBM 2011)

(download PDF version)

Strategic Plan 2018-2023

Priority I – Provide professional development opportunities to all two-year college faculty.

  1. Enhance the traditional opportunities for professional development.
  2. Develop opportunities for professional development that utilize emerging technologies.
  3. Provide professional development focused on mentoring of faculty especially faculty new to teaching in two-year colleges.
  4. Advocate for the importance of and provide opportunities for professional development for adjunct faculty.

Priority II – Promote research on student learning in two-year colleges.

  1. Promote research focused on student learning, acknowledging the impact that technology and data driven decisions have on education.
  2. Provide training to faculty interested in conducting classroom research.
  3. Pursue grants and other means of financial support for classroom research in teaching and student learning.
  4. Advocate for the continued improvement of textbooks and other instructional resources based on the lessons learned from classroom research.
  5. Advocate for faculty, departments, and colleges to institute innovative practices informed by research.
  6. Disseminate resources and best practices on teaching and learning to facilitate faculty development.

Priority III – Promote the review and improvement of two-year college mathematics curricula.

  1. Support and promote the development and assessment of high quality mathematics education for all students.
  2. Maintain a leading role in structuring a strong developmental mathematics experience for all students.
  3. Promote the consensus on the essential mathematics that students need in order to succeed in their chosen academic or career fields.
  4. Increase participation in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) courses and programs through contacts with industry.
  5. Support the appropriate use of emerging technologies to promote an understanding of mathematics and its applications.
  6. Support continuous improvement of online/distance learning and continuous improvement of online delivered courses.

Priority IV – Build and promote communities of educators in lower division collegiate mathematics across departments and institutions.

  1. Strengthen and expand the relationship between AMATYC and its affiliate organizations.
  2. Encourage membership among individuals interested or involved in mathematics instruction in the first two years of college.
  3. Expand opportunities for networking (locally, nationally, and internationally) of those interested in the first two years of collegiate mathematics to share ideas and provide support.
  4. Expand the relationship among instructors at two-year colleges and other faculty Pre-K–20.

Priority V – Communicate the vision, core values, mission, and goals of AMATYC and promote awareness of the organization.

  1. Maintain and promote the visibility of AMATYC at the national level as the primary voice for mathematics education during the first two years of college.
  2. Promote an understanding of the mission of two-year colleges and their mathematics programs.
  3. Be a strong voice for two-year college mathematics education.
  4. Develop and maintain relevant standards for two-year college mathematics education.
  5. Expand relationships with other organizations interested in the goals and objectives of AMATYC and interested in promoting quality mathematics education.
  6. Encourage the involvement of two-year college educators in state and national, Pre-K–20 initiatives.
  7. Work to increase state and national funding for two-year college mathematics education.
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