The AMATYC IMPACT Improving Mathematical Prowess And College Teaching Editorial/Writing Team invite your editorial suggestions on the draft of the standards document. This draft has been informed by the results of an extensive review process. The AMATYC Delegate Assembly will be asked to endorse the philosophy and spirit of the draft at the 2017 AMATYC Annual Conference in San Diego in November, in preparation for release of the document in November 2018. 

The text of the AMATYC IMPACT draft document can be found at

The IMPACT Steering Committee is looking for suggestions as how to create a coherent final document that is relevant to you in your professional life. Please click on the “Submit Suggested Changes” button below.  On that page, please be as specific as possible by commenting on the text. The IMPACT team will review each submission received before December 31, 2017.  Your feedback is appreciated. 

Mary Beth Orrange, Project Chair
Nan Sattler, Project Co-Chair

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