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AMATYC continues to offer the opportunity for professors on sabbatical leave to work for and with the organization to advance AMATYC's mission and goals. The AMATYC "Consulting Professor" position will provide faculty members on sabbatical leave an opportunity to design a project and/or become involved in an existing project at AMATYC.

In 1999-2000, Carolyn Neptune is AMATYC's first Consulting Professor. She is working on a project to revise the AMATYC publication, "The Two-Year College Teacher of Mathematics," first published in 1985. Marilyn was also an AMATYC Consulting Professor. Her project was serving as Chief Organizer for the Working Group on "Mathematics Education in Two-Year Colleges and Other Tertiary Institutions" for the ICME-9 Conference. AMATYC's third Consulting Professor is Steve Terry from Ricks College who is working on revising the Affiliation Booklet and on establishing a new AMATYC affiliate in Idaho.

Do you have a sabbatical coming up? Are you recently retired and looking for an interesting project to work on? Consider applying for the AMATYC "Consulting Professor" position. You don't even have to leave home! The project will be designed so that it can be accomplished from your home or college.

Examples of projects might be: helping to design a creative membership drive for AMATYC; helping to update the AMATYC membership database; writing computer programs to streamline AMATYC operations; developing and conducting a study on an issue important to AMATYC. Professors should not feel limited by this list. The project should be of interest tot eh faculty member and be useful to AMATYC.

Recognizing that details of this position will be particular to the person, interest faculty should have full-time sabbatical leave from his/her institution for at least one quarter or semester, commitment to the completion of tan agreed upon project that can be completed without relocation with the time allotted for the leave, and active membership in AMATYC. AMATYC will provide technical and secretarial support for the approved project.

Interested applicants should send a statement of interest, an outline of project, and a resume to Cheryl Cleaves; AMATYC Executive Assistant; Southwest Tennessee Community College; 5983 Macon Cove; Memphis, TN 38134 or Faxed applications are also accepted, (901) 333-4651.

Procedure for becoming an "AMATYC CONSULTING PROFESSOR"

Articles will appear in the Spring and Fall issues #2 and #5 of the AMATYC News soliciting proposals from interested faculty, beginning in the Spring 1997.

The arrangements for an "AMATYC Consulting Professor" can be made at any time during the year. Interested faculty should submit a statement of interest, outline of project, resume, and letters of support from their institution to the AMATYC Executive Assistant/Director at a time that is appropriate for their college's deadlines. If the sabbatical leave has not been formally awarded, the letters of support from the institution are to confirm the institution's knowledge of the project and support of the concept.

The project outline will be reviewed by a Board Committee comprised of the AMATYC Executive Assistant/Director, President, and one Regional VP. The Board Committee will provide technical support in designing the project and working out any special arrangements, as necessary. The final outline of the project will be presented to the Board for final approval, pending the receipt of a letter from the applicant's institution confirming the awarding of the sabbatical leave for this project.

The Consulting Professor will be expected to attend an AMATYC annual conference either during or shortly after the sabbatical leave to report back to the Board about the project, will be introduced at the Saturday morning breakfast, and will present the project activities at a conference session.

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