The Editorial/Writing Team are proud to announce the release of IMPACT: Improving Mathematical Prowess And College Teaching. This standards guide has been informed by the results of collaboration and research by a team of dedicated AMATYC members.

The text of the IMPACT document can be found here.

The executive summary which contains the highlights of the IMPACT guide can be found here.

Julie Phelps, AMATYC Standards Committee Chair (IMPACT)

Evan Evans, AMATYC Standards Committee Digital Projects Coordinator (IMPACT Live!)

Mary Beth Orrange, IMPACT Steering Committee Chair

Nan Sattler, IMPACT Steering Committee Co-Chair

Testimonials from Our National Partners

"The recommendations in IMPACT reflect the growing consensus concerning effective K-16 mathematics instructional structures and strategies. Effectively implemented, these recommendations will have a dramatic impact on students' learning experiences and outcomes."
Matt Larson, Ph.D., Past-President, National Council of Teachers of Mathematics

“AMATYC IMPACT is then an important document  which outlines a path to a significant improvement of  math instruction  in the US population of college students,  emphasizing what is summarized under the acronym PROWESS.”
~ Luis Guillermo Casian, AMA, Professor & Chair of Mathematics, The Ohio State University

“IMPACT is an exceptionally well-researched work.  More important, however, is that it focuses research findings directly on the practice of teaching mathematics.  It combines first rate scholarship with clear guidance for classroom instructors.”
~ Hunter R. Boylan, Ph.D. Professor, Director National Center for Developmental Education

“A careful and timely distillation of research on best practices for instruction in the first two years of college math, bringing together the collective experience of many innovative programs across the country into an actionable template for change.”
~ Mark Green, Board of Governors, TPSE (Transforming Post-SecondaryEducation) Math
Chair of Mathematics Department, UCLA