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2015 New Orleans Conference Proceedings
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41st AMATYC Annual Conference
New Orleans, Louisiana
November 19-22, 2015

Conference Theme: Jazz It Up

Keynote Presentations
When Life Is Linear: From Computer Graphics to Data Mining
Video of the Event
Tim Chartier
Making Up For Lost Time - Mathematics and Two-Year Colleges
Video of the Event
Shirley Malcom


Special Sessions
Session Title Presenter(s)
Q1 Department/Division Chairs' Colloquium Sean Simpson,
Christine Mirbaha

Ignite Event
 Videos PowerPoints

Part I
Part II

Part I
Part II

Regular Sessions
Session Title Presenter(s)
S001 Everything You Need to Know About Dividing and Factoring Polynomials Scott McClendon
S002 What Was Learned from Creating an Advanced Trig Class - Part 2 Kathryn Cerrone
S003 Using Technology to Support Adjunct Faculty Professional Development Emily Dennett, Nicholas Shay
S004 Lessons from the Sunshine State: A Study of the Florida College System
Anna Butler
S005 Jazz It Up with Baseball Statistics on Louisiana Baseball Players! Steve Krevisky
S006 Course Structures that Engage and Motivate Alketa Nina, Kimberly Sheppard
S007 Lessons Learned from Flipping the Calculus I Course Diana McGinnis
S008 The Mathematics Engineers Use Every Day in Industry William G. Steenken
S009 AMATYC 101 Nicole Lang, Nancy Rivers
S010 An Arithmetic Course Redesign with Proven Positive Results Barbara Lontz
S011 Rethinking Postsecondary Mathematics: Pathways to Success Michelle L. Younker
S012 Audio & Documents & Screens, Oh My! Free & Easy Online Collaboration Lea Rosenberry, Tamara Eyster
S013 Jazzing Up Your Liberal Arts Math Class for the Honors Level! Michael Oppedisano, Candice Dance
S014 Let's Do Some Push-ups! Mary Pearce
S015 You Can't Say "I Didn't Use Algebra Today" Anymore
Pat Riley
S016 PASS - Placement Advising for Student Success Carrie Kyser
S017 Delivering Engaging Class Notes on an iPad or Tablet Patrick DeFazio, David Furney
S018 Understanding Sampling Variability
Roxy Peck
S019 Stop Reading Your Syllabus! Mary Crawford-Mohat, Kinga Oliver
S020 The Life of a Corequisite Model at a Two-Year Technical College Garry L. Sigler, Shelley K. Parks, Heather A.Turner
S021 Author! Author! George Alexander
S022 Self-Paced Mastery Learning for Developmental Mathematics Lisa Brown, Tejan Tingling, Danielle Truszkowski
S023 Outcomes from Mathematical Literacy: Do Attitudes About Math Change?
Martha B. Makowski, Erin Wilding-Martin
S024 What's Your Game Plan? Using and Creating Math Games
Kathleen Offenholley, Laura Gellert, Nicole Taylor-Buckner
S025 Mathematics of Stringed-Instrument Construction... And All that Jazz Milos Podmanik
S026 The Power of the Positive Michelle Lis
S027 Picture This…Visualizing Liberal Arts Mathematics!
Cindy Moore, Tammy Sullivan
S028 Using Excel to Build Understanding in a Pathways Course Kathleen Almy, Heather Foes
S030 Lessons Learned from Statway with Emphasis on the Teacher's Experience Joan Z. Carter
S031 Changing Mathematics Curriculum: A Slippery Slope Cynthia Roemer, Susan McLoughlin, Arlene Rogoff
S032 The E-grade: Employ Students, Manage Efficiently, and Energize Classes
Joni Burnette Pirnot
S033 What Were You Thinking?! Asking Questions that Reveal Understanding Frank Wilson, Sue Steele
S034 Computer-aided Modular Math Redesign (CAM Math) Valerie Maciejewski, Lori Pennock
S035 The French Mathematical Impact: Descartes, Fermat, and Beyond David Price, Elise Price
S036 Collaborative Learning in Online Classes
Joan Romano, James Hedges
S037 Incorporating Social Justice into the Statistics Curriculum Kenneth L. Butler
S038 Placement and Assessment Round Table Behnaz Rouhani
S039 STEM: Ensuring Successful Transfer from Two-Year to Four-Year Colleges Robyn Toman, Clarence Baney, Raji Baradwaj, Andrew Brown, Yan Zhao
S040 Unanswerable Questions: The Key to Building Statistical Thinkers Denis Sheeran
S041 Creating an iPad Classroom for Redesign and Innovation Lynn Marecek
S043 The Maturing OER Ecosystem: Partners, Expansion, and Critical Question Barbara Illowsky
S044 From Concrete to Abstract: Activities for Linear Algebra Helen Mirtova
S045 Infusing Current Events into College Algebra Duane Doyle
S046 Increase Online Students' Retention/Success Rates by Changing Mindset Christine Mirbaha
S047 Converting Roadblocks into Roadways: Reconstructing Developmental Math Mike Hamm, Jennifer Henderson, Paul Golisch
S048 The Other Big Easy: Cooperative Learning Rachel Frankel, Karen Smith
S049 Got Thoughts? Get Critical Sue Steele
S050 Engaging the Algebra Student Heidi L. Kiley, Bridget P. Young
S051 Jazzin’ Up Assessment: Writing Items that Are Relevant and Sensitive Scott Strother, Mike Sieve, John Kellermeier
S052 From Power Series to Fun Fractions with Wacky Decimal Expansions. Caleb Grisham
S053 Jazz Up Your Professional Development!
Jonathan Oaks
S054 Engaging Students in Cooperative Problem Solving in an Online Course Mark R. Marino, Margie Dunn
S055 Statistics Labs in Excel Jim Zimmer
S056 To Pre-Algebra and Beyond Without (and with) Technology
Sophia Georgiakaki
S057 STEM Learning Teams: The Entente Cordiale Among STEM Disciplines Aaron Levin
S058 Rethinking the Division of Fractions
Scott Adamson
S059 The Right Apps for Your Classroom Alicia Collins, Denise Nunley
S060 Where Does Math Come From? Dusty Wilson
S061 Title III Project in College Algebra and Precalculus Myungchul Kim, Lisa Cook
S062 Beyond the Worksheet Julie Gunkelman
S063 Mobile Apps in the Mathematics Classroom Julia Nudel
S064 Creating an Opportune Naturally Critical, Effective Teaching Strategy Jeffrey Weaver
S065 Hitting the Target: Keeping It Real to Keep Their Attention Johanna M. Debrecht
S066 Implementing an Honors Program in Mathematics in a Two-Year College Anthony Piccolino
S067 AMATYC's FutureGrant Program: Guest Grant Seminar Series John Pazdar, Dennis C. Ebersole
S068 Preparing Teachers for Meaningful Classroom Discourse LeeAnna Misterek, Melina Priewe, Phil Clark
S069 Adaptive Student-driven Paths Through Developmental Mathematics Lori Wall
S070 Engaging Students with Technology and Interactive Activities Christine D. Thomas, Laurn R. Jordan
S071 The Role of Faculty Mentoring in the Carnegie Pathways John Kellermeier, Heather Howington, Mary Crawford-Mohat, James Willis, Mary Daunis
S072 Opportunities in Developmental Education Patrick Saxon
S073 Using a Database to Increase Student Motivation in a Math Emporium Kirk Trigsted
S074 The Beauty of Mathematics in Gershwin's Jazz Paula A. Wilhite
S075 The Journey to Active Learning in Precalculus and Calculus
Tiffany Ledford, Deann Leoni, Gabrielle McIntosh
S076 Mathemetaphorics: Jazz Up Your Teaching with Analogies and Metaphors Dave Sobecki
S077 What's the Jazz About VECTOR Hours? Evan Evans
S078 The Mathematical Analysis of Cancer Risk in a Statistics Class Alexander G. Atwood
S079 Starting Strong: Setting the Stage for Meaningful Student Interaction Rachel Mudge, Nicole Gray
S080 Evidence-based Practices – Why Not? Dennis C. Ebersole, Celisa Counterman
S081 Learning from Research on Learning Christopher Quarles, Mickey Davis
S082 RSA Cryptography: The Alice and Bob Saga
Steven Zollinger
S083 Making Math Connections Around the World
Jim Roznowski
S084 Performing in Teams: Strategies for Group Work
Matthew Watts
S086 Creating Appreciation for Mathematics Outside of the Classroom Jason Vargas, Marion (Merne) Dragonette, Roseanne Shepard
S087 Engaging Activities for an Elementary Education Class Lisa Blaylock, Judith Sallee, Abigail Bailey, Charlotte Schulze-Hewett
S088 Effects of E-Books and Online Homework on Learning in Calculus I Sallie Paschal
S089 Adding Music and Taste to the Teaching and Learning of Fractions Veon Stewart
S090 What? Math Can Be Fun? Hands-on Projects in Algebra Classes
Eva Rivera-Lebron, Alfonso Heras-Llanos
S091 Using Student Reflections to Resolve Misconceptions in Algebra Dona Boccio
S092 The "Flipped” Road Ahead Jerry Chen
S093 Coaching Students Towards Success in Developmental Mathematics Michael Pemberton
S094 This Ain't Your Mama's Extra Credit! Kimberly Boyke
S095 Reflections on Good Calculus Questions from Students and Colleagues Keith Nabb, Daniel Nghiem
S096 An Introduction to Math Modeling Laura MacIntyre
S097 Rapid Creation of Graphs for Algebra - Jazz Up Your Course! Jennifer Shloming, Calvin Williamson
S098 The Funny Thing About Math... Terry Krieger
S099 There’s an Activity for That! Teaching with Applications & Activities Jennifer Gorman, Christopher King
S100 Beyond the Textbook: Getting Students Involved in Learning
Janet Teeguarden, Judy Williams
S101 Close Encounters with Classics Tom Carson
S102 Nix the Trig Tricks Luke Walsh
S103 Math, Music, & All that Jazz Connects Cheryl Ooten
S104 What Is the Appropriate Mathematics that College Students Should Know? Phil Mahler, Rob Farinelli
S105 Piecewise Functions: Underappreciated but Oh So Important Stefan Baratto, Lee Wayand
S106 The Mathematics of Planning for Retirement - A Three-Legged Approach
Wilson B. Grab
S107 Changing the Signs: More Positives for Women in Mathematics Gary Rockswold, Jessica Rockswold
S108 Help Students (and Even Faculty) Collaborate with Free Google Apps David Graser
S109 Questions! Questions! Questions! Eric Hutchinson, Aminul KM
S110 AMPing Up the Teaching of Mathematics for College and Career Readiness April Strom
S111 Jazz Up Your Intro Stats Course with Global Databases Barbara Leitherer, Fary Sami
S112 A Common Vision for the Undergraduate Math Program in 2025: Our Role Robert L. Kimball
S113 Jazzing Up Your Mathematics Fundamentals Course Ben Moulton, Lindsey Gerber, Rachel Marcial
S114 Affiliate Sharing Session Sharon Clark, Ann S. DeBoever
S115 Low-Tech Activities with High-Tech Results Thomas Roybal
S116 Teaching Multivariable Calculus with 3-D Manipulatives Jason Samuels, Aaron Wangberg, Brian Fisher
S117 The History and Mathematics of Popular Casino Games LeAnne Conaway, Mary Brown
S118 Blended vs. Flipping: Should You Blend or Flip Your Math Class? Latrica Williams
S119 Effecting Broad, Constructive Change in Two-Year College Mathematics Uri Treisman, Mark Green, V. Celeste Carter
S120 Trigonometry Flipped Shane Tang
S122 The Math Behind the Movement: Jazzing Up Your Dance Greg Stiffler
S123 Building a Scaffold for Student Success Kristin Oakes, Rebecca Wulf, Gary Netherton
S124 "Go To” Developmental Math Activities and Technology Strategies
Kendall Wahba, Susan Johnson
S125 Identification + (Intervention + Follow‐up) = Successful Retention Anita Polk-Conley, Azar Raiszadeh, Jianfeng Zhang
S126 Preparing Pre-Service Teachers for Common Core Teaching Robyn Silbey
S127 Statistics with Pizzazz Lynette Meslinsky, David Usinski
S128 The Rhythm of the Cubes Denny Burzynski, Michael Greenwich, Jennifer Gorman, Patrick Gorman
S129 Faculty Math League Steven Blasberg, Susan Strickland
S130 Powerful Teaching and Learning Tools - Free on the Web! Oiyin Pauline Chow, Rob King, Todd Stine
S131 Improving the Mathematics Placement Process
Helen Burn
S132 Attaining Student Success - or – Tales from a Summer "Break" Elayn Martin-Gay
S133 Engage Students and Generate Discussion by Using "Nonsense” Questions Rob Eby
S134 Flipping and Spinning Ellen Turnell
S135 Tools to Improve Students' Success in Online Classes Angela Agocs
S136 Dyscalculia: The Elephant in the Developmental Math Classroom Johanna M. Debrecht
S137 What? Math Has to Be Taught? Can't the Class Just Use Worksheets? Diann M. DeJulia, Margaret Jansen, Kim Martin
S138 Create an Environment Where ALL Students Learn Rigorous Mathematics
Susie W. Hakansson
S139 Making Math Literacy Work: Managing Groups and Student Expectations
Erin Wilding-Martin, Brian Mercer
S140 Two-Chances Skill Sheets: Algebra Worksheets that Work! Kate Cook
S141 Educators Equity in STEM: A Program to Recruit Students to STEM Fields Sarah E. Miller
S142 Math Intensive Sharing Session Sandra Poinsett, Robert Cappetta , Scott Peterson
S143 Traveling Workshops - What’s the Skinny? Ana Jiménez, Jeff Thies, Norma Bisulca
S145 Teaching Tips to Jazz Up Elementary Statistics Nancy R. Johnson
S146 Cheating in Math Classes Peter Legner
S147 Dissonance or Harmony: What Music Do Your Adjuncts Make? Judy King, Judy Giffin
S148 Tutoring + "?” = Satisfied Student: How to Solve this Equation. Ruth Feigenbaum, Kaat Higham
S149 Algebraic Literacy: A Bridge to Somewhere (the STEM Path)
Jack Rotman
S150 Lessons Learned - Creating Connections in Math for Elementary Teachers JIm Hersberger
S151 Finding the Best Fit Pathway for Developmental Math Students Jennifer LaRose, Nasser Beidoun, Nahla Haidar, Deborah Zopf
S152 Course-Embedded Tutoring: Student Success in Postsecondary Math Richard Shiring, Daniel S. Pittaway, Lisa Lee
S153 Tame the Countably Infinite with Order and Logic in Two Simple Steps Jean Nicolas Pestieau
S155 Teaching Matters! Effective Practices Promoting Mathematical Literacy Diane J. Briars
S156 Analysis of Placement into Developmental Mathematics Amy Barnsley, Jane Weber
S157 Homework's the Beginning: Moving Beyond Mechanics in Calculus II Clarence V. Baney
S158 "That’s that Stupid Theorem!”…Tales of a Survey of Math Course John T. Smith
S159 Red Light Cameras: An Analysis of Their Effectiveness Robert Cappetta
S160 Detect, Reflect, and Correct: Making the Most of Math Mistakes Charlotte Skinner
S161 Statway at LaGuardia: Faculty Support Serving Developmental Math Needs Carlos Sandoval, Milena Cuellar, Roslyn Orgel, Marina Nechayeva
S162 What Lies After Beyond Crossroads? Rob Farinelli
S163 Building a Stairway to (Mathematical) Heaven Gary Simundza
S164 Redesigning for Tomorrow’s Elementary Teachers Susan McLoughlin
S165 Creating a Career Pathway Contextualized Learning Community Corey Manchester
S166 Multiplication Using Historical Methods
Joanne Peeples
S167 Watch Your P's and Queues Marty Triola
S168 Curious About the Flipped Classroom? Susan Jones
S169 Inside Edition 2016: Maximize Your Likelihood of Proposal Acceptance
Handout #1
Handout #2
Judy Williams, Darlene Winnington, Honey Kirk
S170 Faculty Collaborating to Write Group Activities Marisa Bjorland, Joey Offer, Julie Kostka, Colleen Hosking
S171 Favorite Math Fun Facts Francis Edward Su
S172 Jazz It Up with Journals!
Leslie Banta
S173 Developmental Mathematics Reform: Choosing the Best Model Rita Eisele, Sylvia Walker, Janet Delgado, Cathy Morgan
S174 Using Complex Instruction in Content Classes for Prospective Teachers
José María Menéndez, Jennifer Eli
S175 A Deeper Dive into Normality
Excel Sheet
Barry Monk, William Navidi, Don Brown
S176 It’s All About the Numbers Jay Martin, Beth Tsai
S177 Teaching a Path-to-Stats Course: Propelling Non-STEM Students Forward Jay Lehmann
S178 Helping Military Students Succeed: What They Say They Need Lea Rosenberry, Kim Bracey
S179 Using Capstone Projects to Illustrate Principles of Statistics Sue Ann Jones Dobbyn, Brittany Mosby, Claire Suddeth
S180 Collaborative Lesson Design and Testing for Developmental Mathematics Yevgeniy Milman, Michael George, Liana Erstenyuk, John Grade, George Alexander
S181 Adjunct Faculty Count!
Kristin Duckworth, Michael Venn
S182 Jazzing Up Statistics with Discussion Questions and Case Studies Betsy McCall
S183 Changing the Signs: More Positives for Women in Mathematics Gary Rockswold, Jessica Rockswold
S184 Problem of the Month Contest: Engaging Students Outside the Classroom Jack Bennett, Ryan Petitfils, Chris Walker
S185 What Tools Will Jazz Up Math Concepts?
Lorinda Fattic
S186 How Real Are Real-World Contexts in Mathematics? AJ Stachelek
S187 The Mathematics of Martial Arts Tityik Wong, James Lee
S188 Jazz Up Your Math Class with an Amusement Park Field Trip Mike Long
S189 Hooray, Students Improved Their Success! …Or Did They? Jennifer Travis
S190 Student Perceptions on the Use of Video for Communication Sonia Ford
S191 Building a Peer and Mentor Network: The Dallas County CC District STEM Institute Peggy Shadduck
S192 Get Out the Vote! A Pedagogy for Engaging Students in any Math Class. Jennifer Applebee, Kathleen Shay

Themed Sessions
Session Title Presenter(s)
T1A Jazzing Up Geometry Problems for the Mathematical Practices
Mark Kuhlman
T1B Foundations to Fraction Operations
Michelle Doucette
T1C From the Multiplication Principle to Infinity and Beyond!
Patrick Kimani
T1D Homework Presentations for Constructing and Critiquing Arguments
José María Menéndez
T1E Using Experiments to Teach Modeling and Problem Solving
Handout #1
Handout #2
Ed Gallo
T1F Project-based Math for Elementary Teachers
Mike Long
T2A Wonder if One Problem Could Motivate All of Calculus? Wonder No More!
Keith Nabb
T2B Leibnitz's Method and Other Methods of Summing the Powers of Integers
Siham Alfred
T2C Using Projects to Prompt Critical Thinking
Allison Wolf
T2D The Prime Coefficients Formula for Rotation of Conics
David Rose
T2E Engaging DiffEq Students in Solving IVPs Using Rstudio and knitr (free downloads)
John J. Weber III
T2F Volume of Play-Doh Revolutions
Lee Wayand
T3A Mathematics Prerequisites for Statistics
Roxy Peck, Robert Gould
Blackjack: A Teaching Tool for Probability
Matthew Pragel, Daniel Pragel
Randomization Techniques to Introduce Two-Sample Hypothesis Tests
Michael Sullivan
The Effects of Using Big Data Sets in Introductory Statistics Class
John J. Weber III, Stacy Thrall
Tweaking Introductory Statistics in the Age of n = All
Glenn Miller
T3F  Globalizing an Introductory Statistics Course Barbara Leitherer

Session Title Presenter(s)
W01 Creating a Collaborative Classroom Culture - on Day One!
Trey Cox
W02 Develop Mathematical Thinking: Engage in the Mathematical Practices Meg Moss
W03 Even More! Leaving the Problems in Problem Solving
Rodney Null, Beth Basista, Mark Clark

Session Title Presenter(s)
A National View of Math Pathways: Where We’ve Been & Where We’re Going
Uri Treisman
Pathways Through Developmental Math: A Faculty Perspective
Handout #1
Handout #2
Rebecca Hartzler, Russell Self, Aaron Altose, Tamie Dickson, Andre Freeman, Mark Pelfrey, Rita Quintana
The New Mathways’ STEM-Prep Pathway:  Preparing Students for Calculus
Handout #1
Handout #2
Handout #3
Frank Savina, Stuart Boersma
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