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2016 Denver Conference Proceedings
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42nd AMATYC Annual Conference
Denver, Colorado
November 17-20, 2016

Conference Theme: Math at a Mile High

Opening Session and Saturday Morning Session
Saturday Morning Session
Thursday Opening Session


Keynote Presentations
What Every Math Teacher Needs to Know About Statistics
Rick Cleary
Learning Math is Not a Spectator Sport
Keynote interaction and impasse
Keynote challenge and curiosity
Keynote durable learning
Weekly Teaching Challenge
Maria Andersen


Special Sessions
Session Title Presenter(s)
Q1 Department/Division Chairs' Colloquium Sean Simpson, Christine Mirbaha

Ignite Event
 Videos PowerPoints
Part I
Part II
Part I
Part II

Regular Sessions
Session Title Presenter(s)
S001 Let's Talk! Ten (or More) Intriguing Questions for Math Teachers Dennis Runde
S002 The Calculus of Corvettes Jaclyn M. Murawska, Keith Nabb
S003 Implementing Creative Real-World Projects in Liberal Arts Math Courses
Mark R. Marino, Margie Dunn
S004 Thinking About Offering Algebraic Literacy? Join the Group! Brian Mercer, Dave Sobecki
S005 Mile High Conferences and Professional Development with No Budgets Peg Hohensee, Leslie Johnson
S006 The Struggle to Create Accessible Math Material for the Visually Impaired Student Mary Monroe-Ellis, Susan Mosteller
S007 Cool Calculus Classroom Heather Albrecht
S008 Inquiry-based Teaching Strategies that Succeed with Developmental Math J. Donato Fortin
S009 Mile High in Denver: Baseball Statistics of the Rockies Steve Krevisky
S010 Bobo Numbers, Bobbers, and Bears - Experiences in Undergraduate Research Steve Kifowit
S011 How Random is Your Quarter?  The Past and Present of Uncertainty Richard Decker
S012 Collaboration and Group Work for Online (and Face to Face) Classes Evan Evans
S013 AMATYC 101 Nancy Rivers, Liz Hylton
S014 Make Engagement Happen
Denise Nunley, Alicia Collins
S015 Liars Will Figure: Illuminating Numerical Deception
Marcus Jorgensen
S016 Addressing Poverty and Inequity in the Math Classroom Melonie Rasmussen
S017 Running a Mile with Math Caching Cindy Moore, Tammy Sullivan
S018 Supporting Students, Demanding Effort, Seeing Success Diane Valade
S019 Moving Mountains: A Networked Improvement Community Stimulates Change Scott Strother, Mike Sieve, Heather Howington
S020 The Mythical Relationship Between a Librarian and a Mathematician Brandie Biddy, Melissa D'Agostino
S021 Responding to Disruptive Student Behavior: Math Faculty Challenges Lalu Simcik
S022 AMATYC's Future Grant Program: Guest Grant Seminar Series John Pazdar, Nancy Sattler
S023 Incorporating Study Skills into Developmental Math Classes Jessica Bernards, Mark DeSmet
S024 Author! Author! George Alexander, Johanna Debrecht
S025 Learning to Learn in Developmental Mathematics Courses Wade Ellis
S026 Inside Edition 2017: How to Write a Winning Proposal
Judy Williams, Darlene Winnington, Honey Kirk
S027 Math Lit and Pathways:  Five Years Later Kathleen Almy, Heather Foes
S028 Motivating Student Learning Through Sports-Related Math Questions Anne Triplett
S029 We Should Not Call It The Pythagorean Theorem! Eric Hutchinson, Aminul KM
S030 Strengthening Student Success Through Developmental Redesign. Lynn Marecek, Marty Romero, Lisa McKowan-Bourguignon
S031 Let’s Share “Apps”! Andreana M. Grimaldo
S032 Supporting Prospective Teachers' Learning: What's the Problem Here? Carol Howald
S033 Factoring with a Cause: Service Learning In Mathematics   Lindsey Small, Holly Ashton, Robin Schofield, Jo Ellen Becco
S034 Helping Students Learn to Think Like a Statistician Roxy Peck
S035 Choosing the Lesser Evil: Helping Students Understand Voting Systems Curtis Mitchell
S036 Incorporating Discovery in Developmental Mathematics George Woodbury
S037 Have Students Write Memos (Word Limit, Unlimited Pictures) in Calculus Rob Eby
S038 Promoting Mathematical Thinking with Low Floor, High Ceiling Problems Kendall Jacobs, Ashley Johnson
S039 Strategies to Increase and Accelerate Developmental Student Success  Stephanie Krehl
S040 It's Five O'clock Somewhere Judy Fethe, Susan Mosteller
S041 Making Resources Available and Accessible to All Students Michelle Lis
S042 Learning Algebra in the Age of Free Symbol Manipulators H. Michael Lueke
S043 Mathematical Problem Solving and Active Learning: What, Why, and How
Kira Heater
S044 To Quote Doc Brown, "Roads? Where We’re Going We Don’t Need Roads.”  Trey Cox
S045 What's the "Big" Idea?
Dennis Ebersole
S046 A Sense of Belonging Can Help Students Reach the Summit! Heather Howington, Mike Sieve
S047 Introducing Fermi Problems and the Art of Reckoning in Statistics Alexander Atwood
S048 Building Bridges:  College Algebra to Calculus Karen Summerson, Ivana Seligova
S049 High Quality OER Textbooks and Online Materials for Precalculus Ruth Trygstad
S050 Challenging and Exciting Students Through Math Competitions
Cathy Panik, Mary Beth Headlee
S051 Differential Equations, Let's Get This Party Started! Beth Tsai
S052 Camera Ready: How to Guide the Problem Solving Habits of Students James Vicich, LeeAnna Misterek, Sue Steele
S053 Designing an Online Math Literacy Course Using Free Materials David Lippman
S054 Models for Managing Math Anxiety Cheryl Ooten
S055 Teach Your Students Willpower Carol Jonas-Morrison
S056 Team Virginia – Faculty Pave the Way for Student Success!  Patricia Parker
S057 Teaching Styles in the Corequisite Mathematics Classroom Becky Moening, Monika Champion
S058 Liven Up Your Classroom with Relevant and Engaging Activities Randy Gallaher, Kevin Bodden
S059 Open Calculus: Reducing Costs, not the Learning
List of OER
Phillip G. Clark, James Sousa
S060 Environmental Initiative and Mathematics Ben Moulton, Colleen Bye
S061 Engaging Students: From High School to Community College James (Jay) Martin, Julia Smith
S062 Experience Math Using your Sensors Julie Phelps, Jolene Rhodes
S063 The New Sensation That’s Sweeping the Nation: Quantitative Reasoning Dave Sobecki
S064 Optimizing Developmental Math Through Divergent Curriculum Paths
Erin Wenner, Laura VanDeKop
S065 The MathWorld Concept Can Help Anyone Pass Math Robert D. Walling
S066 A Mile High Professional Development Experience from AMATYC! Lisa Feinman, Julie Gunkelman
S067 The Effects of a Varied Method of Instruction on Student Outcomes Kevin McCandless
S068 Looking High and Low to Integrate Rational Functions Diane Koenig
S069 Venn Diagrams and Binary Numbers: A Logical Marriage
Worksheet key
Lisa Rombes
S070 Mathematical Modeling: Just What Is It? Judy Werner, Mike Long
S071 95% Success - Yes You Can! Toni Fountain, Susan Russe
S072 Developing Understandings of Rate Relationships Megan Breit-Goodwin
S073 Affiliate Sharing Session Sarah Jackson, Glynis Mullins
S074 Classroom Environments that Promote Student Engagement in Learning Algebra Christine Thomas
S075 Teaching Introductory Statistics: GAISE-ing into the Future Allan J. Rossman
S076 Analytic Geometry: Then and Now
David Price, Elise Price
S077 Elevating Expectations Vanessa L. Coffelt
S078 Emporiums, Redesigns, Pathways, and Calculators Sybil Brown, Judy Stimpson, Alissa Sustarsic, Natalie Souders
S079 Mistakes, Mistakes Everywhere Keith Nabb
S080 Reading + Math = Miles Beyond Traditional Understanding Susan M. Johnson, Kendall Wahba
S081 There's a Good Math Problem in There!
Supplementary Materials
Pat Riley
S082 Revising the Standards: The Vision of "Crossroads" Mary Beth Orrange
S083 Pretests and Advising: Improving Existing Institutional Placement  Amy Barnsley
S084 Shortening the Path Through Developmental Math Rebecca Diischer, Carri Hales
S085 Transforming Transformations to a New Peak  Luke Walsh
S086 Getting Real About Mathematics: Does Learning Leave the Classroom? AJ Stachelek
S087 Mile High MINTS: Math Interactive Notebook Teaching Strategies
Notebook Grading Rubric
Sylvia P. San Pedro, Christina Leone
S088 What Is the Latest Thinking on the High School to College Transition? Gregory D. Foley
S089 Mile High with ANets: How You Can Benefit from This! Steve Krevisky, Christine Mirbaha, Fary Sami, Judy King
S090 The Struggle Is Real – A Journey to the Ideal Corequisite Course Heidi Barrett, Danielle Staples
S091 Motivating Students to Learn Infinite Series Robert Cappetta
S092 Visual Math: How a Blind Student Can Open Your Eyes to Mathematics Dorcas Parson
S093 Instructional Strategies to Facilitate Social Presence Online Sonia Ford, Kyle Kundomal, Lori Thomas
S094 Uncommon Application Problems Melinda Fox
S095 Math Literacy and Community Building: A Bold New Future Benjamin Aschenbrenner
S096 How Effective Are Your Final Exam Reviews? John Salem, Marjorie Thrall Moller
S097 Using 3D Printing to Enhance the Learning of Calculus
Part 2
Jing Wang
S098 Motivating Mathematical Ideas Using Sitcoms and Movies Scott Adamson
S099 The New Brand of Powerful Jessica Rockswold
S100 Placement and Assessment Round Table Behnaz Rouhani
S101 Hands-on Developmental Math Activities To Take Home
Christopher King, Jennifer Gorman
S102 Algebraic Literacy: A Bridge to Somewhere (the STEM Path) Jack Rotman
S103 An Innovative Course Design to Accelerate Completion for Repeaters  Neeraj Sharma, Cristina Voisei
S104 1+1= Many: How Service Learning in Math Classes Changes Multiple Lives Veon Stewart, Kendra Van Houten
S105 Active Learning and Engagement Eddie Tchertchian, Fred Feldon
S106 Bringing Non-STEM to New Heights Juli Rognlie, Amanda Blaker
S107 Leadership Tools to Guide Mathematics Educators in the Digital Age John W. Staley
S108 Teaching Future Teachers through Engaging Fun Math Activities! Leticia Escobar
S109 Scaling a Successful Corequisite Model into Additional Math Pathways Garry L. Sigler, Shelley K. Parks, Heather A. Turner
S110 Personally Authentic Projects and Problems for College Mathematics Lauretta Garrett, Mohammed Qazi, Li Huang, Maria Calhoun Charleton
S111 Make It Stick: Strategies to Help Students Retain What You're Teaching Andrea Hendricks, Todd Hendricks
S112 Lessons Learned from Learners Around the World Kathryn Kozak, Stephen Krevisky, Najat Baji, Barbara Leitherer, Victor Odafe
S113 The Role of Functions in Prestatistics Don Davis
S114 Applications for Multivariable Functions? 2YC Students? Oh Yeah!!! Stefan Baratto, Jeff Herrin
S115 Mathemagic in OpArt: Now You See It, Now You Don't
Steven Zollinger
S117 There Must Be a Better Way to Vote! Tom Pirnot
S118 Precalculus Top Five List, Challenges from Differential Equations Don Hickethier
S119 Best Fit Pathway for Developmental Math Project: Results & Scaling up  Jennifer LaRose, Deborah Zopf, Michael Zalzali, Nasser Beidoun, Nahla Haidar
S120 Textbook DJ: Remixing/Writing an Open Textbook Josiah Hartley, Evan Evans, Larry Huff, Val Lochman
S121 Mixing Solutions Shane Tang
S122 Should There Be an Algebra Course for Non-STEM Majors? Rob Farinelli
S123 Statistics Bests Marty Triola
S124 Placement and Acceleration: Start Smart and Plan for Success Patty  Amick, Cheryl Hawkins
S125 Maintaining Rigor Within Developmental Mathematics Reform Efforts  Rebecca Hartzler, Frank Savina, Suzanne Dorée
S126 Does Elementary Algebra Really Prepare Students for Liberal Arts Math? Lori Austin
S127 Using Singaporean Models to Develop Understanding  Meg Moss, Alice Ho
S128 Practical Origami Nanotube Construction Techniques David Redman
S129 Group Work: Use It in Different Courses, Formats, and Times 
Kelly Kohlmetz
S130 Phoenix Numbers Walter Kehowski
S131 Faculty Math League Contest Steve Blasberg, Steve Hundert
S132 Online Collaboration: Lessons Learned in Revising "Beyond Crossroads" David Graser, Evan Evans
S133 Prestatistics: Acceleration and New Hope for Non-STEM Majors Jay Lehmann
S134 It's Not Class, It's Not Tutoring - It's Power Math Camp!
Shannon Ruth, Rachel DeAlejandro
S135 Quantitative Literacy More Than Ever Before William Briggs
S136 Teaching Undergraduate Mathematics Using Primary Source Projects Diana White, Janet Heine Barnett
S137 Polynomials, Roots, and Critical Points: A Complex Relationship Eric Schulz, Julianne Sachs
S138 Number Stories of Long Ago
Janet Teeguarden
S139 Share Your Classroom Ideas for Teacher Preparation Courses Andy D. Jones
S140 Achieving Mile High Success Through Virtual Tutoring and Instruction Kirk Bradley, Michael Johnston
S141 Building Discourse to Foster Equity and Rigor in Mathematics Diane Kinch
S142 Are Your Students Ready for a High Stakes Final in Elementary Algebra? Leonid Khazanov, Fred Peskoff
S143 Save a Semester - Save a Future
Edie Carter, Gale Brewer, Gretta Johnson, Karen White
S144 Win, Win, Win, Win Larry Danforth, Joel LaLone
S145 Who is NADE? What is the NADE Accreditation Commission? Jane A. Neuburger, Annette Cook
S146 Increasing Student Preparation and Engagement in Intro Stats Class Jonathan Bodrero
S147 Removing Barriers to Success in Front-Door Math Courses Julie Phelps, Deborah Howard, Maryke Lee, Jeff Kosovich, Chris S. Hulleman
S148 From Bricks to Clicks: Transitioning Your Face-to-Face Class Online Tami Tacker, Lea Rosenberry
S149 Beyond Newton & Leibniz:  The Making of Modern Calculus Anthony Piccolino
S150 Contextualizing Business Statistics Elizabeth Betzel, Karen Starin
S151 Virtual Manipulatives for Online & On-Ground Learning Jonathan Martin
S152 OER from Beginning Algebra to Precalculus and Statistics Sophia Georgiakaki
S153 Math Intensive Sharing Session Scott L. Peterson, Robert Cappetta, Sandra Poinsett
S154 Mathematics Outside the Classroom - Students' Research Projects Christopher Walker, Jack Bennett, Ryan Petitfils
S155 Class Prep - How to Free Up Class Time for Active Learning Jennifer Loseke
S156 You Really Have Flipped!  Active Learning at its Best Shawna Haider
S157 Real-World Projects for Precalculus and Calculus Cathey Jordan, Mary D. Pearce
S158 Integrating K-12 Instructional Best Practices into Precollege Classes Megan Luce, Dawn Draus, Erin Schoenlein, Bill Moore
S159 Mathematical Card Tricks Francis Edward Su
S160 Flipped - Now What Happens in Class?
Handout #1
Handout #2
Handout #3
Leah Rineck
S161 The Winds of Change - Finding the Right Direction for All Students LuAnn Walton, R. Nicole Benton
S162 Favorite Tech Tools: Engaging Students in Every Mathematics Class
Jennifer Applebee, Kathleen Shay
S163 Developing an Accessible and Engaging Online Statistics Course Mary Elizabeth Gore, Cristina Voisei
S164 A Discovery/Project-Based Mathematics for Teachers Redesign Mike Long
S165 Connecting Curriculum to Community: Preparing Future Teachers Stephanie Goldenberg, Amber Rust
S166 Getting Started - Base Camp for the New ANet for Adjunct Faculty Issues  Judy King, Judy Giffin
S167 The Gini Index: Measuring Income Inequality Using Applied Calculus Zachary Beamer
S168 Math Online: How to Help Students 'See' Math When They Can't See You! Kathy Crooks
S169 Growth Mindset Math - Climbing any Mountain! Kirsten K. Meymaris, Lea Rosenberry, Tami Tacker
S170 Transitioning Learners to Calculus in Community Colleges (TLC3) Helen Burn
S171 Teaching Matters: NCTM Tools to Support Effective Mathematics Teaching
Cathy Martin
S172 An Activity-Based Math for Liberal Arts Course
Peter R. Wildman, Greg Cripe
S173 Changing Statistics Class with Mile High Results Sarah Haskins
S174 Comparison of Hong Kong and U.S. in Mathematics Teaching and Learning Chris L. Yuen, Shane Tang, Amy Kong, Oiyin Pauline Chow
S175 Are You Engaging STEM Students Outside of the Classroom? Valerie Cope, Kinga Oliver
S176 Proportional Reasoning in a Gentrification-Themed Board Game Forest Fisher, Jared Warner
S177 Bring Engagement to New Heights: Stocking a Classroom for Success
Supplies in Classroom Cabinet
Supplies in Math Class Cabinet
Dayna Ford, Logan Maxwell
S178 Students Say the Darndest Things Milos Podmanik, Scott Adamson
S179 Put Your Students Back in the Driver's Seat
Barbra Steinhurst
S180 Incorporating Low-Stakes Writing in Developmental Algebra Dona Boccio
S181 What’s So Natural About 1/x? A History of Logarithms for the Classroom Janet Heine Barnett
S182 Enrich Your Lectures and Limit Test-Writing Time
Agnes Azzolino
S183 The Power of Statistics: Impacts of a Multifaceted Internship Course Hanli Huang
S185 Realigning College Algebra with A Lofty Goal
Project zip folder
Emerald Stacy
S186 The Impact of Expressive Writing on Test Performance in College Math Rachel Sefton

Themed Sessions
Session Title Presenter(s)
T1A What's Up in the Placement & Assessment Corner?
Behnaz Rouhani
T1B Transitioning to Multiple Measures
Jeff Thies
T1C Using High School GPA to Predict College Success
Kenneth Beynon
T1D Insights and Experiences of Community College Mathematics Placement
Rachel Bates
T1E Is Common Core Affecting Positive Change in Placement Exam Results?
Christine Mirbaha
T1F Current California Trends in Placement
John Kawai
 T2 Teaching and Learning in Precalculus, Calculus, and Beyond
Scott L. Peterson
T2A Developing Students’ Intuition with Physical Models
Dan Rockwell
T2B Algebra Clinic and Other Ways to Help Underprepared Calculus Students
Helen Mirtova
T2C Why Does the Pendulum Clock Keep Accurate Time?
Clarence V. Baney
T2D Teacher Pension Crisis in Your State?
Linda Blanco
T2E Derivative and Antiderivative Activities for Business Calculus
Jay Malmstrom
T2F Research Opportunities for STEM Students
Anne Flesher

Session Title Presenter(s)
W01 IAssessing Conceptual Comprehension in Statistics and Applied Calculus
Chris Oehrlein
W02 Intro Stats Activities Centered Around the New GAISE Recommendations
Roxy Peck, Robert Gould, Michael A. Posner
W03 Going Forward: Increasing Diversity in AMATYC and Its Leadership. 
Marilyn Mays, Wade Ellis
 W04   Save Students Thousands with OER Resources Cathleen Rossman, Michael Wilkins, Cheryl Knight
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