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2018 Orlando Conference Proceedings
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44th AMATYC Annual Conference

Orlando, Florida
November 15-18, 2018

Conference Theme:
The Main Attraction


Keynote Presentations
Math Really Rocks!! An Astronomer’s Journey
Billy Hix
An Ongoing Challenge: Success in Education
Guadalupe Quintanilla


Opening Session and Saturday Morning Session
Awards: Thursday Keynote Session
Post Keynote: Thursday Keynote Session
 Introductions & Awards: Saturday Breakfast Session


Ignite Presentations
PowerPoint Slides Part 1
PowerPoint Slides Part 2


Regional Lunch Presentations
Midwest Region


Special Sessions
Session Title Presenter(s)
Q1 Department/Division Chairs' Colloquium Christine Mirbaha, Sean Simpson

 Regular Sessions
Session Title Presenter(s)
S001 Flipping Your Classroom: Lessons Learned Alison Hammack, Keri Siler, Steve Purtee
S002 As IMPACTFUL as Walt Disney Sarah Miller
S003 Unlocking the Magic of Desmos Raymond Houston
S004 Fresh Fun Icebreakers: "FastPass" for Engagement Nadia Sidibaba, Joanne Kiriazes
S005 AMATYC 101 Nancy Rivers, Dan Fahringer, Jon Oaks
S006 LaGuardia New Math Sequence to Accelerate Student Completion at Scale Milena Cuellar, Jeanne Funk , Dong Wook Won, Abderrazak Belkharraz
S007 Building Resilience to Successful Completion Mandi Wheeler, Reem Witherspoon
S008 Motivating and Engaging Online Students Christina Thompson, Angela Agocs, Kristine Buddemeyer
S009 Why, Not What: Critical Thinking for Exploration Joshua Santora, Tim Adams
S010 Math for Fun: Activities for Humor and Relevance Julie Miller
S011 Measuring Fairness: Gerrymandering and Voting in the Math Classroom Meghan VanderMale
S012 Play Fun "Price Is Right" Games Then Connect Them to Math and Statistics Kathleen Mittag, Sharon Taylor
S013 Opening the Classroom Door Through Investigating Algebra Instruction Dexter Lim, Patrick Kimani, April Strom, Laura Watkins
S014 Mentoring, Motivating, Creating: Active Professional Development Roger Isaac Blanco , Maria Alvarez
S016 There's More Than One Way to Integrate that Function! Steve Kifowit
S017 Incorporating Mathematical Mindsets George Woodbury
S018 Growing Data Science Courses and Programs – The Need to Collaborate Michael Posner, Mary Rudis, Rob Gould, Katherine (Kate) Kozak
S019 Fostering Mathematics Undergraduate Research at the Community College Mike Long, Carol Howald
S020 Building Common Sense in Calculus Through Experience Alfonso Heras Llanos, Eva Rivera Lebron
S021 Making the Most of Your Dual Enrollment Partnerships Andrea Faber, Larisa Russell, Rodney Null
S022 Embrace Student-Centered Learning and Decrease Your Workload Heather Luman
S023 What’s Your Main Attraction? Elizabeth Betzel, Michelle Duda, Karen Starin, Jessica Lickeri
S024A Reading Mathematics as a Motivational Tool Donna Gerken
S024B Assessing Understanding with Student Recordings in an Online Course Daniel Ozimek
S025A Undergraduate Research in an Introductory Statistics Course Shawn Firouzian, Brandon Hawkins
S025B The Mathematics of Waiting - Modeling Queues Brian Smith
S026 A New Approach to the Flipped Classroom Jessica Bernards, Wendy Fresh
S027A Exponential Growth or Decay Shane Tang
S027B Getting Out of the Classroom: Calculus Field Trips for Adults Dan Rockwell
S028 Communities Facilitating Scholarly Mathematics Teaching and Learning Megan Breit-Goodwin, Ann Sitomer
S029 Free Math Textbooks, Software, and Resources Worth Using Bruce Yoshiwara, Katherine Yoshiwara
S030A Doing it the Alamo Way: Implementing Corequisites in Non-STEM Dianna Torres Lee, Patrick Lee
S030B Getting Students to Persist - in Math and in College Jennifer Strehler
S031A "Real World" Finance - Practical Labs for Finance Loreda Vincent
S032A Data Science 101: The Main Syllabus Mary E Rudis
S032B Developing a Data Analytics Certificate for Working Professionals Andrew Kerr
S033 The Infinite Wonderland Sean Saunders
S034 Exponential Thrills! Cindy Moore, Tammy Sullivan
S035 AMATYC Grant Series: NSF Grants 101 Elizabeth Teles, Ron Buckmire, Sandra Richardson
S036 Providing Equitable Mathematics Experiences for Each and Every Student Connie S. Schrock
S037 Adapting Lesson Study for Community College Mathematics Instruction Melinda Leong, Susan Bickerstaff, Jessica Knoch
S038 Complex Numbers: From "Impossibility" to Necessity David Price, Elise Price
S039 Mission Impossible! Improving Outcomes While Maintaining Rigor Amy Collins Montalbano, Kelli Bradshaw
S040 Transitional Math: The Next Frontier in Developmental Math Reform Kathleen Almy
S042 Data-Driven Statistics Activities from Day 1 Richard Corp
S043 Do Some Math While “In The Parks” and Take Some Ideas Home, Too Carol Howald, Mike Long
S044 Supporting Students and Faculty to Thrive in Online Math Courses Lewis Hosie , Lynae Warren, Ann Edwards
S045 Blue Pill or Red Pill? Let's Get Into The Matrix! Mary D. Pearce, Seth McElvaney
S046 Share Your Classroom Ideas for Teacher Preparation Courses Mark Kuhlman
S047 Making Statistics Relevant and Fun! Alexandra Verkhovtseva
S048 Pre-Service Teachers Content Knowledge - "How and Why" Judy Werner
S049 Active Learning in Quantitative Literacy Meghan McIntyre, Analemma McKee-Schwenke
S050 Rising from the Ashes: One Campus’ Story of Recovering After Disaster Nathalie Vega-Rhodes
S051 Math Literacy: All the Extras Erin Wilding-Martin, Brian Mercer
S052 Microaggressions: Why Should Faculty Care and What Should They Do? Dorota Zak
S053 Developing Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge (TPACK) Trisha Danielle Unten
S054 Teaching Introductory Statistics with Simulation-Based Inference (SBI) Barbara Dolansky
S055 Affiliate Sharing Session Sandra Seifert, Bruce Wahl
S056 Decisions under Risk – Mathematics in Action at NASA Tim Adams
S057 An Active Adaptive Approach to Teaching and Learning College Algebra Sara Clark, Katy Williams, Lyn Riverstone, Elizabeth Jones
S058 Aikido - Mathematics in Motion Steven Zollinger, Jennifer Zollinger
S059 AMATYC Grant Series: NSF Grants 201 Elizabeth Teles, Ron Buckmire, Sandra Richardson
S060 Teaching and Assessing Statistics with Simulation – Accessible to All Christine Franklin
S061 Incorporating Non-Cognitive Skills in Corequisite Math Classes Mike Sieve, Heather Howington
S062 Concrete, Pictorial, Abstract Development of Math Meg Moss
S063 Learnings from a Research-Practice Partnership on Math Motivation Maryke Lee, Deborah Howard, David Silverman, Christopher Hulleman
S064 Let Word Problems Be the Main Attraction & Not a Major Detraction! Jennifer Ackerman
S065 You Always Wanted to Be a Professional Math Teacher! ... Now What? Dennis C Runde, Sharron Jenkins, Angi Lively
S066 Taking Online Statistics to the Next Level Tami Tacker, Carol Hannahs, Larry Musolino, Leah Murray
S067 Microlearning in the Math Classroom Leslie Johnson
S068 Author! Author! George Alexander, Johanna Debrecht, Tony Piccolino
S069 Pascal's Triangle - Blaise-ing a Trail of Mathematics Edouard Tchertchian
S070 Hands-On Learning Activities in Quantitative Literacy Courses Lindsey Gerber, Debra Ward
S071 Equal Professional Development Opportunities for Adjunct Faculty Heather Howington, Dan Ray
S072 Facilitating an Analytics Transformation: The Disney Story Mark W Shafer
S074 Using Utility-Value Interventions to Remove Barriers in Math Courses Christopher Hulleman, William “Hank” Murrah, Yoi Tibbetts, Michelle Francis
S075 Google and Asana: Free Tools to Free Your Mind for the Main Attraction Peg Hohensee, Lea Rosenberry
S076 The Mathematics of the Movie Gifted Marvin L Bittinger
S077 Data Science Statistics Pathways: What Is Needed to Enter the Major? Rebecca Hartzler, Roxy Peck
S078 Catalyzing Change: Initiating Critical Conversations Robert Berry
S079 Dirty Data Mary Elizabeth Gore, Cristina Voisei
S080 Writing Assgnments in Math Classes? The Why and How Joe Agnich
S081 The Mathematics of Attraction Angie Schirck-Matthews
S082 A Flu-Modeling Epidemic Milos Podmanik
S083 Inquiry-Engaged, Problem-Solving Pedagogy & Mentorship in Precalculus José María Menéndez, Laura Watkins, Guadalupe Lozano
S084 Learning Statistics by Project-Based Learning Strategy Jae Ki Lee
S085 Are Bad Habits Hindering Your Classroom Presentations? Alan Tussy
S086 21st Century Cheat Sheets: The Main DIS-traction from Quality Learning Lea Rosenberry, Kimberly Bracey, Tamara Eyster
S087 Non-STEM Corequisites: Merging Content with Activity-Based Courses Colleen Hosking, Kelly Holman, Marisa Bjorland
S088 Research-Based Assessment Practices in Mathematics Education Courses Audrey Bullock, S. Jackie Vogel
S089 Learn to Construct and Use Computer Simulation Jerry Tuttle
S090 Is This a Great Idea? Making a Difference with Action Research Barbara Johnson
S091 The Main Attraction Is Active Learning, But What About Soft Skills? Julie Gunkelman
S092 The Best Jobs of the 21st Century? Mathematicians and STEM Careers Michael Dorff
S093 Projects (Regular Size and "Mini") for Pathway Courses Kim Tsai Granger
S094A Designing a Hybrid Precalculus Course – Experiences and Experiments Sofya Antonova
S094B Writing in the Disciplines Matthew Simmons, Kimberly Fahlgren
S095A The Golden Age of Math Books Is Now! Vincent LoCascio
S095B Mean/Median/Mode: A Student Activity To Enhance Descriptive Statistics Kari Arnoldsen
S096A The Case for Mathematical Thinking Kendall Jacobs
S096B Say What You Mean and Mean What You Say! Patricia Anderson
S097 Perfect Examples in Statistics Marty Triola
S098 Best Practices in Mathematics: Reading to Learn, Writing to Think Wade Ellis
S099 Transforming Students into Online Learners Kirsten K. Meymaris, Michael Heeren, Laura Allison
S100 Ready to Share - OER Textbooks for College Algebra and Trigonometry Ruth Trygstad, Spencer Bartholomew
S101A Quantitative Reasoning: Make Mathematics a Thrilling Ride Rusandica Manole
S101B High School & College Partnerships: Creating Stronger Math Pathways Rachel Bates
S102A UniDoodle – A Highly Effective Student Response System for Mathematics Michael Jennings
S103A Number Talks to Increase Student Understanding Leah Rineck
S103B What Should Be Taught as Artificial Intelligence Becomes More Powerful? Alexander Atwood
S104 Making Mathematics Personal: Practical Experiences and Results Lauretta Garrett, Kelly Guest, Carol Gudauskas, Mary Johnson
S105 The OutReach Tutoring Center – a Model for Success Mandi Wheeler, Reem Witherspoon
S106 Individualized Excel Projects to See Concepts in Algebra and Calculus Rob Eby
S107 Make and Take TACTiViTiES Holly Ashton, David Lawton
S108 Tales From the Front Lines: Teaching in a Collaborative Environment Dave Sobecki
S109 Faculty Math League Steven Blasberg, Steven Hundert
S110 Placement of General Studies Students Using Machine Learning Gavin Waters
S111 Taking the Algebra Out of College Algebra Maria Andersen
S112 Stressing Students Before They're Here: The Impact of Assessment Tests Katrina Keating
S113 Teaching Data Centric Statistics: A StatPREP Overview Jenna Carpenter, Ambika Silva
S114 Designing Innovative and Creative Online Math Discussion Boards Mark Marino, Margie Dunn
S115 Faculty Development and Equity in an Era of Mathematics Reform Lucy Michal, Alycia Marshall
S116 Creating Exemplary Online Courses Joan Romano, James Hedges
S117 Structuring Lessons Around Applets: Supporting Meaning-Making Alan O'Bryan, Grant Sander, Marilyn Carlson
S118 Learning Communities: Linking Courses Beyond Scheduling Kate Wolfe, AJ Stachelek
S119 LOL … The Language of Learning Beth Tsai
S120 Valuing and Engaging Adjunct Faculty Amber Rust, Stacey Nicholls
S121 Developing Multivariable Thinking in Introductory Statistics Roxy Peck, Tom Short
S122 Preparing Students for Physical and Biological Sciences Courses Chris Oehrlein
S123 Create Quantative Reasoning Problems from Non-Mathematical Scenarios Pat Riley, Sherry McCormack, Arthur Schultz
S124 Helping Students on the Autism Spectrum Succeed in College Mathematics Ben Moulton
S125 Challenges of Teaching Calculus Robert Cappetta
S126 Spreadsheets for Quantitative and Algebraic Reasoning
Excel Sheet
Eric Gaze
S127 The Elementary Math Project: A Curriculum for Prospective Teachers Ziv Feldman, Suzanne Chapin, Lynsey Gibbons
S128 Building Trust in Adjuncts for Student Success with Networked Support Dayna Ford, Logan Maxwell
S129 Exploring Your Leadership Potential Christine Mirbaha
S130 Utilize Tablet or Laptop to Full Potential In or Out of the Classroom Joseph Bernat, Erin Newton
S131 Keeping the Main Thing the Main Thing Annette Cook
S132 There's a Video for That - The Sequel Lisa Savy
S133 The Mathematical Preparation of Elementary School Teachers Randolph Philipp
S134 Apollo Turns 50: One Flight Controller's Story William G. "Bill" Weppner
S135 Accessible Course Shells for OER & Other Texts – All Ready to Adapt! Barbara Illowsky
S136 Origami for Engineering: Collapsing, Functional, and Strong—Oh My! Keith Nabb, Jaclyn Murawska
S137 Call it Growth Mindet or Grit - It's Showing Promise in Math Education Elayn Martin-Gay
S138 Teach and Learn Power Series Expansions of Functions Using Desmos Matthew Thomas Michaelson
S139 The House Always Wins: The Mathematics of Basic Sports Wagering Ronald Yates, Patrick Villa
S140 Coping With Math Anxiety: From Research to Relief Fred Peskoff, Leonid Khazanov
S141 Why Do You Like that Song? Greg Stiffler
S142 The Main Attraction of Placement: Individualized & Required Remediation T.J. Duda, Beth Barnett , Phil MacLean
S143 NEEDED MATH for STEM Technicians Michelle L Younker, Solomon Garfunkel, Rob Kimball, Stefan Baratto
S144 IMPACT Live! Evan Evans, Julie Phelps
S145 Digital Natives? A Study of Student Computer Skills Dona Boccio
S146 Teach Without Teaching Mony Kennedy
S147 Equity Awareness: A Personal Story Anne Vance
S148 Looking High and Low to Integrate Rational Functions Diane Koenig
S149 Using Activators for Universal Design Gil Rosenberg
S150 Simple Ways to Begin and End Math Class that Make Learning More Fun Mark Colgan
S151 Using Writing Prompts In Algebra Classes Nicole Gray, Jeff Anderson
S152 Digital Manipulatives -- An Ancient and Modern Computing and Teaching Agnes Azzolino
S153 If You Can Dream it, You Can Do It! Coreqs in Stats/Liberal Arts Math Tiffany A. Padgett, Regina Bentley
S154 What Happens Outside the Classroom? Peter Legner
S155 AMATYC Can Increase Diversity in the Classroom and in the Profession Marilyn E Mays, Wade Ellis
S156 An Interactive Activity for Statistical Literacy John E Ward
S157 Adjuncts: Not the Main Attraction, but Definitely Not the Side Show Judy King
S158 Developmental Education Reform: Fairy Godmother or Evil Stepmother? Kelli Hammer, Alan Lebovitz, Laura Iossi, Michelle Carmel
S159 Preparing Students for College-Level Math Using Independent Study Kristin Oakes, Rebecca Wulf, Gary Netherton
S160 Empowering STEM Students Creating Opportunities and Changing Lives Karen Summerson, Ivana Seligova
S161 Incorporating Growth Mindset and Grit in Developmental Math Classes Bill Shamhart
S162 The Magic of a Mic: Pictures Are Worth a Thousand Words Sabrina Ripp
S163 From Ancient to Modern: Mathematics in the Talmud Chana Epstein
S164 The Main Event: The Case for a College Football 8-Team Playoff System Steve Krevisky, Anne Cawley, Darielle Blevins
S165 Game Up Your Math! Kathleen Offenholley
S166 Engage Students with Contextual Applications Jay Martin, Carrie Hoffman
S167 The “Down and Dirty” of Teaching Corequisite Courses Sonia Ford, Lori Thomas, Kyle Kundomal
S168 Building Mathematics Courses Using the Backwards Design Process Jonathan Weisbrod
S169 Redesigning the Main Attraction: Transitioning to Online Activities Lorinda Fattic
S170 Getting Acquainted with Proofs Brooke Orosz
S171 A Student's Mindset: It Can Grow! Jennifer Williford
S172 POGIL-Style Activities in Introductory Statistics Katina Gothard, Megan Mocko
S173 Wanna Be a Slacker? Luke Walsh, John Bennett
T1 Multiple Mathematics Pathways: Trend or New Normal? Paula Wilhite
T1A Using Accelerated Mathematics to Complete Pathways More Quickly Lisa Feinman
T1B Is College Algebra Really a Thing? Brian Mercer, Dave Sobecki
T1C Math Literacy: The Most Versatile Developmental Pathways Option Kathleen Almy
T1D Three Years of Corequisite Learning Support at Roane State Markus Pomper
T1E Washington Math Pathways Helen Burn, Peter Wildman
T1F Multiple Mathematics Pathways: Trend or New Normal? Connie Richardson
T2 Classroom-Ready Career Applications Stefan Baratto
T2A Proportions and Variations Carol Hannahs
T2B Classroom-Ready Career Applications Lea Rosenberry
T2C Classroom-Ready Business Applications Tami Tacker
T2D Integration of Field Applications into Technical Mathematics Courses Yelda Aydin-Mullen
T2E Classroom-Ready Career Applications Ella Sitkin
T2F Technical Problem-Solving with Mathematics: A Project Cynthia Griffin Ediger
T3 Placement Exams and Student Success, Sureys, and Reports Rachel Bates
T3A Using Machine-Learning Math Placement for Improved Student Success Gavin Waters
T3B Arizona’s Statewide Summit Jeff Thies
T3C Results from Regrouping – Could This Help Your Students? Judy Williams
T3D Solutions for Improved Student Placement and Student Assessment Liz Hylton, Kathy Smith
T3E The Main Attraction: A Next Generation Placement Test Georgette E. Hyman, Laura McCarthy
T4 Hands-On Activities for the Introductory Statistics Classroom Julie Hanson
T4A Kissing the Law of Large Numbers David Usinski
T4B Two “Colorful” Classroom Experiments Roxy Peck
T4C Using Self-Experimentation to Motivate Students in Health Statistics Don Davis
T4D The General’s Dilemma Michael Sullivan
T4E What’s Stats Got to Do with It: How Statistics Makes Smarter Consumers Holly Wendel
T4F Sharing Half of Your Two Cents – Statistics Activities with a 1962 Penny Michael Posner
T5 Random Walk Through Math Intensive Topics Bob Cappetta
T5A Surface Area of the Menger Sponge Sang Lee
T5B Success in Math – An Option for Under-Prepared Students Rebecca Rose, Jennifer Fitzgerald
T5C Mathematics in Context Through Finite Math Heidi Lyne
W01 Modern Statistics Pedagogy…with a TANGO (Stat Ed) Beat Ambika Silva, Kurt Withey, Sharleen McCarroll, Richard Corp
W02 Common Core Standards Through Games and Captivating Activities Valerie Cope, Kinga Oliver
W03 Teaching Math for Teachers (K-8): Instructional Strategies Lynn C. Hart, Susan Oesterle, Ziv Feldman, Ann Kajander
Y1 What Is IMPACT? Ted Coe
Y2 Energizing Students to Transform Themselves Through IMPACT Julie Phelps, Ted Coe, Fred Feldon
Y3 Make an IMPACT with Research-Based Strategies to Improve Learning Ann Sitomer, Dan Petrak, Julie Phelps
Y3A Improving Mathematical Prowess And College Teaching - That's an IMPACT Julie Phelps
Y3B Developing Proficiency with Proportionality: Research-Based Strategies Megan Breit-Goodwin
Y3C Departmental and Institutional Ownership: Improving Student Success Helen Burn
Y3D Practical Strategies for Student Engagement in Mathematical Thinking Nancy Sattler
Y3E Reframing Student Success: Lessons from our Students John T. Smith
Y3F What Happens Next? Summary Statements Dan Petrak


Chat and Chew
CC1: How ALEKS Can Fix a Coreq
CC2: Placement and Beyond: Preparation and Retention Strategies
CC3: How to Motivate the 21st-Century Learner
CC4: Experiments and Exploratory Learning in the Statistics Classroom
CC5: You Really Want to Come to Milwaukee
CC6: Biology Majors Need Math?
CC7: Featuring March Mathness, a High School Math Challenge
CC8: Falling in Love Again
CC9: Polish Math House During the Interwar Period: Stefan Banach
CC10: Jaw Dropping Calculus II Calculator Programs that Students Create
CC11: The Truth About Mathematicians They Don't Want You to See! Episode 2
CC12: Pass Multivariable Calculus Students Knowing Single Variable Calculus?
CC13: Extra Credit: What Good Is It ?
CC15: Study Skill Diagnostic for Students to Improve Skills
CC16: Developmental Professor and Mentor: Teaching to Inspire STEM Leaders
CC17: AMATYC Project SLOPE Research Fellows Program
CC18: Pi Day Events: Past, Present, and Future
CC19: A Block OF Understanding or a Block TO Understanding?
CC20: Improving Mathematical Prowess and College Teaching (IMPACT)
CC21: NEEDED MATH for STEM Technicians
CC22: Make Professional Development the Main Attraction All Year Long!
CC23: Conquering Math: Strategies that Work
CC24: The Main Attraction: Blending Your Corequisite into a New Math Pathway
CC25: Attracting Students with Riemann Sum Foamstruction
CC26: If You Organized the Conference....
CC27: Engaging Minorities in Mathematics


Chat and Ch

 Research Sessions
 Session Title Presenter(s)
R1  The Use and Development of Knowledge for Teaching College Mathematics  Natasha Speer 
R2 Who Takes Math Online? The Experiences of Students in Online Math Classes Claire Wladis 
R3 The Impact of Prior Learning and Life Experience in Developmental Math Carolyn P. Masserang

A Quantitative Study of ‘Number Sense’

Peter Brown, Eric Gaze

Extending Student Motivation Research in Community College Mathematics

Chris S. Hulleman


 Poster Sessions
PS1 Alvina Atkinson
PS2 Stacey Auman
PS3 Mark Carlson
PS4 Megan Cavanah
PS5 Vinodh Kumar Chellamuthu
PS6 Adrienne Chu
PS7 Jacquie Coe
PS8 Hieu Do
PS9 Maria Mercedes Franco
PS10 Jie Frye
PS11 Mitzi Fulwood
PS12 Karen Gaines
PS13 Matt Gargis
PS14 Ryan Girard
PS15 Kathryn Hernandez
PS16 Diane Hill
PS17 Christina Holdiness
PS18 Laurie Keatts
PS19 Jamie Kneisley
PS20 Barbara Leitherer
PS21 Mei Luu
PS22 Tyler Maley
PS23 Rachel Marcial
PS24 Elizabeth Meena
PS25 Mari Menard
PS26 Arthur Migala
PS27 Robert Molnar
PS28 Carrie Muir
PS29 Grace Nasnas
PS30 Colin Nicholls
PS31 Daniel Ozimek
PS32 Sarah Park
PS33 Michael Peterson
PS34 Ashley Priem
PS35 Azar Raiszadeh
PS36 Melissa Reid
PS37 Connie Richardson
PS38 Lorisha Riley
PS39 Cynthia Roemer
PS40 Lara Rosenberger
PS41 Jaimie Stone
PS42 Sharon Sweet
PS43 Casey Terrill
PS44 Patricia Van Brunt
PS45 Corey Wadlington
PS46 Lauren Wolf
PS47 Entela Xhane
PS48 Prudence York-Hammons
PS49 Patty Zabel
PS50 Brooks Ziegler

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