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Articles in the MathAMATYC Educator sometimes have appendices, spreadsheets, etc, which cannot be published within the confines of the issue.  Such items are posted here.

Sheldon Gordon published an article in the May 2016 issue of MathAMATYC Educator on complex roots of polynomial equations.

Below you will find a link to an appendix to this article showing some mathematical details on one of the methods used.  There are also links to spreadsheets with a program already written.  These are intended either for instructors to use for classroom demonstrations or for students to use to learn more about complex roots in greater depth.

Appendix:  Mathematical Details on Bairstow's Method

Complex Roots 1
Complex Roots 2
Complex Roots 3
Complex Roots 4
Complex Roots 5
Complex Roots 6 color changed
Complex Roots 7 color changed

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